Pros and Cons of BBL

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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a procedure that is growing in popularity. If you want to add volume and curves to your buttocks and hips, it may be an ideal procedure for you. However, as any invasive surgery is a life-changing decision, we will outline the pros and cons of BBL so you can be armed with all the facts when deciding if the procedure is right for you.


Natural-Looking Results

As a BBL uses your own fat tissue to add volume to your buttocks, it is able to produce a more natural-looking result and feel. Many patients choose BBL over butt implants because it doesn’t involve the insertion of a foreign object. Additionally, with fat transfer injections, your surgeon has more control over reshaping your butt, and can create a BBL shape that sits seamlessly on your body.

Incisions are Small

Both the liposuction and fat transfer injections require tiny incisions, and therefore a BBL procedure leaves behind minimal scarring. The liposuction procedure requires 2-5 incisions, while the fat transfer requires 4-8 incisions. However, the incisions are just a few millimetres long, and our surgeons take great care to place them in inconspicuous areas. Moreover, with the proper aftercare, the scars will eventually fade and blend in with the rest of your skin.

Full Body Contour

As liposuction is needed to extract the fat grafts, a BBL provides you with a full-body contour beyond just adding volume to your butt. For instance, a BBL can give you skinny legs and a bigger butt, an hourglass figure, and a flatter stomach. You can discuss with your surgeon the areas of excess fat that you wish to sculpt to holistically contour your body and improve your proportions.

Long-Lasting Results

The permanent results from BBL are one of its main advantages, particularly if you are weighing it up against buttock injections, which require repeat procedures to maintain results. The fat grafts that survive and connect to your blood supply following the initial shrinking process will remain in place permanently, functioning like other fat cells in your body.


It’s Surgery

BBL is an invasive surgery and therefore carries some risks that will be openly explained to you during a consultation. In particular, the safety of BBL surgery has been under scrutiny for some time due to the high rate of fat embolisms that have resulted from the surgery worldwide. However, at the CREO Clinic, Dr Omar Tillo uses the BEST-F technique, which has proven successful in significantly minimising the risks associated with the traditional BBL procedure.

Unpredictable Fat Survival

The initial volume that is apparent immediately after your BBL will shrink by 30-50% within 3-6 months after your procedure, as not all fat grafts will survive and connect to your blood supply. Thus, there is some unpredictability with the volume that you can obtain from the procedure. However, an experienced BBL surgeon is able to provide the intended result by injecting the right amount of fat to account for the initial volume loss. 

Weight Restrictions

Maintaining your BBL results will require some effort on your part. In order to retain the volume and shape of your BBL, in the long run, you will need to avoid losing or gaining weight as this will distort your body’s proportions and diminish the contouring effects of both the liposuction and fat transfer. If you’re struggling to maintain your weight, our nutritionists run weight loss programmes that may benefit you.

Strict Recovery

As it takes a few months for the newly injected fat grafts to stabilise and integrate with the surrounding tissue in your butt, you will need to follow some strict aftercare and recovery tips. These include feeding the fat by eating a nutritious high-calorie diet, avoiding sitting on your butt for three weeks, and avoiding strenuous workouts for at least four weeks. However, by following these instructions, you will maximise the volume and preserve the contouring effects of your BBL.

Ideal BBL Candidate

You will need to attend a consultation with our BBL surgeon before we can confirm your eligibility for the procedure. However, women and men who have a BMI between 23-30 and no underlying health conditions usually qualify for the procedure. If your BMI is less than 23, you may still qualify for a skinny BBL

Is BBL Worth It?

For many patients, the wide range of benefits listed above outweigh the drawbacks of the procedure. As the surgeon can account for the initial shrinking effect, the weight restrictions encourage a healthy lifestyle, and the strict recovery is a temporary inconvenience, many patients consider the pros to outweigh the cons.

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Dr Omar Tillo is a key opinion leader on BBL surgery, having developed the BEST-F technique, a safer technique for performing BBLs while delivering superior results. With his vast experience performing the surgery, he is skilled at minimising the cosmetic and health risks of the procedure while enhancing the contouring effects of the surgery. 

If you are considering a BBL, book a consultation with Dr Tillo to discuss if the surgery is suitable for you.

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