Mummy Makeover Recovery

Mummy Makeover Recovery

How long it will take to recover from your mummy makeover will depend on both your individual needs and the number of issues you wish to address as part of the makeover. 

As a mummy makeover can include multiple procedures, the length of your recovery will be determined by the exact combination of these surgeries. 

Mummy Makeover Recovery Medically reviewed by Dr. Omar Tillo MD, MS, EBOPRAS, FRCS (Plast)

What to Expect After a Mummy Makeover: Swelling

The first thing to expect after your mummy makeover, or mommy makeover, is a certain degree of post-operative swelling at the incision sites, especially in the first week. 

You will need to wear compression garments appropriate for the different areas of the body that have been treated, as these will apply pressure to the tender areas, reducing swelling. 

Your compression garments will need to remain in place for at least six weeks and will be supplied by the CREO Clinic.

Factors That Impact Recovery

Every patient recovers differently, but there are some factors that can have an important influence on the nature and length of your recovery.

Were Cosmetic Procedures Included?

One of the most common surgeries chosen for a mummy makeover is a tummy tuck, which can be combined with liposuction. Another common surgery is a breast lift or breast augmentation

Some women may also want their breasts to sit higher on their chests or for them to be reduced in size. For each case, a breast lift or breast reduction could be respective solutions to add to the makeover.

Each cosmetic procedure included in a mummy makeover will add extra considerations that are unique to that surgery. 

For example, if you have opted for a breast lift, this will mean a compression bra will be necessary, and certain items of clothing, such as tightly fitted T-shirts, may be off-limits for at least six weeks.

The total recovery time from your mummy makeover surgery will be as long as the recovery required by the most invasive surgery you have chosen. In general, this will be a tummy tuck surgery, which in most cases will mean a return to work after 1-2 weeks, light exercise after 3-4 weeks, and a full recovery after 2-3 months.

What is Your Age?

A mummy makeover provides transformative effects on the bodies of any woman who has had children, even decades after giving birth. 

However, it should be taken into consideration that healing can become slower as we age, and our bodies require more time to recover as we get older. 

The CREO Clinic receives many clients 60 years of age and over and, as such, is experienced in understanding the distinct plastic surgery needs of older patients. 

Active, Healthy Lifestyle?

The lifestyle you lead and your overall health going into a mummy makeover will have some impact on your overall recovery. 

A healthy diet and ample water intake are likely to give your body the tools it needs to optimize the recovery process. 

Going into the operation, it is advisable to have a BMI of 30 or under to achieve the best possible results and also lower the risk of any complications both during and after surgery.

Mummy Makeover Recovery Timeline

To give you an idea of the timeframes for your mummy makeover recovery period, here we are providing a general outline of what you might expect in the days and weeks after your cosmetic procedure.

Day 1 Post-Op

The first day after your mummy makeover surgery is when you will feel your most tender. It is advisable to have someone who can look after you during this period, giving you time to rest. 

Compression garments will be supplied to you by the CREO Clinic, and you will need to wear them from the first day until six weeks after the operation. Pain medication may also be given, and should be taken as prescribed.

Weeks 1-2 Post-Op

The first week will be the most difficult in terms of mobility. You will be encouraged to move enough to promote circulation, as this aids with healing, but you will need to walk hunched over to protect your incisions. 

After 48 hours, you will be able to shower for the first time after your operation.

Day-to-day tasks such as shopping and childcare should be delegated initially so that you can allow your body the time it needs to heal, but you should be able to return to work after 1 or 2 weeks.

Weeks 3-4 Post-Op

It is also completely normal to experience a great deal of tiredness, even into this third week. It may feel frustrating.

It is of the utmost importance to be patient with your body at this stage, as it is still working hard to recuperate.

Weeks 4-6 Post-Op

By the fourth week, you should begin to see a reduction in swelling and an increase in your energy levels. Around week five, it is likely that you will feel some noticeable improvement, and you will be able to get back into an exercise routine, provided you don’t overexert yourself.

After six weeks, moderate exercise should not be an issue. However, there are some exercises (depending on your chosen surgeries) that may be off-limits. If you’re unsure, your surgeon will explain to you any potential limitations.

Tips for Fast Recovery After a Mummy Makeover

Naturally, you’ll want to give your body the best chance of recovering as quickly as possible. There are a few steps you can take to ensure this.

Follow All Post-Op Instructions

An experienced cosmetic surgeon will provide you with a recovery plan based on the procedures you have undergone. This plan will be designed to create as smooth a recovery as possible.

Following these post-operative instructions to the letter can open up the path to optimal recovery, working to keep you safe from complications and ensuring the best results possible.

Go on Walks

Good circulation can be a key part of helping your scars heal as quickly and uniformly as possible. Brief walks gradually lengthened over the period of your recovery, can reduce the chance of blood clots, aid blood circulation, and help boost your body’s natural healing process.

Get a Lymphatic Massage

It is common for excess lymphatic fluid to build in the excess skin around your sutures while they are healing. Lymphatic drainage massage works to move these fluids along and avoid any build-up, thereby reducing swelling and potential complications.

Keep Incisions Clean

After the first two days of recovery, you should be able to take your first shower. Maintaining high levels of hygiene around your incisions will be crucial to a healthy, quick recovery time, so make sure to consult your surgeon if you’re unsure how best to do so.

Maintain Diet & Hydration

A crucial part of any mummy makeover recovery is to give the body the proper nutrition and hydration it needs to function. A balanced diet and drinking plenty of water (between 5-8 cups per day) is the best way to optimise your body’s healing, so ensure to plan ahead. If you wish to receive some help with your meal planning, speak to a nutritionist about a personalised meal prep plan.

Self-Care & Your Mental Health

Your well-being should be the highest priority – both physical and mental. To achieve a calm, relaxing recovery, ensure you book as much time off work as is necessary to recover in a stress-free environment. As well as booking the time off, delegate any childcare or pet care responsibilities so you can focus on yourself and what you need to optimise your downtime. Sleep will also be key to feeling physically and mentally rested, so try to get an early night and at least eight hours as often as you can.

Is a Mummy Makeover Worth It?

The ability to choose a combination of surgeries means that a mummy makeover can be a flexible and far-reaching solution to a variety of aesthetic and medical concerns.

As with any cosmetic surgery, choosing a mummy makeover is a big decision. However, the procedure does have high levels of patient satisfaction, and the transformative effect the surgical outcomes can have on your body can be invaluable.

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