BMI for Tummy Tuck

Bmi For Tummy Tuck

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a value that measures the ratio of your weight to your height. It is a measurement that healthcare professionals widely use to determine whether your weight is putting your health at risk, as obesity is known to increase the risk of a range of diseases.

However, as explained below, BMI is also a factor that cosmetic surgeons take into account when evaluating a patient’s eligibility for tummy tuck (also called abdominoplasty) and other cosmetic surgeries.

How BMI Impacts Tummy Tuck Results

The best results from a tummy tuck are achieved in patients who have reached their ideal weight and are at a healthy BMI. If you plan on losing any further weight after your surgery, you might be left with more loose skin, which you will need to get rid of with a second tummy tuck surgery. Furthermore, patients who have a high BMI will still have a lot of excess fat that is undermining the definition of their abdominal contours, which can make the results of their tummy tuck appear underwhelming.

Ideal Weight for Abdominoplasty

As outlined below, you will need to have a BMI below 30 to qualify for a tummy tuck. However, if your BMI is over 30, you may be eligible for a weight loss programme created by our team of nutritionists. Please contact our patient coordinator for further details.

BMI Under 30

Patients must have a BMI under 30 in order to qualify for any excision surgeries, including an abdominoplasty. It is widely agreed among surgeons that patients with a BMI higher than 30 are at greater risk of wound breakdown, skin necrosis, infection, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and pulmonary embolisms (PE). 

BMI Between 30 and 40

If you have a BMI above 30, you won’t be eligible for tummy tuck surgery. However, if you have a BMI below 35, you may still qualify and benefit from liposuction, which can help you get rid of stubborn fat deposits that aren’t responding to your exercise and dietary efforts. 

The results from liposuction often act as a motivation for patients to reach their weight loss goals before tummy tuck. However, Dr Tillo does not perform liposuction on patients with a BMI above 35 due to the increased surgical risks as well as the increased likelihood of an underwhelming result.

BMI Over 40

Most plastic surgeons will not perform any type of cosmetic procedure on patients with a BMI over 40 as the risk of general surgical complications is significantly higher. Therefore, patients within this BMI range who wish to contour their figure would benefit most from a weight loss programme that will help them lower their BMI. Afterwards,  they can schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss a treatment plan for an abdominoplasty and other body contouring procedures.

How to Calculate BMI

Your BMI is calculated using the following formula: BMI = kg/m2. Use our calculator below to find out your BMI:

BMI Calculator



20 kg
100 cm
BMI Weight Comments
25 Safe
30 Excisional surgery limit
33.5 Excisional consultations
35 Liposuction limit
38.5 Liposuction consultations

Other Factors to Consider Before a Tummy Tuck

Even If you have a BMI below 30, you will still need to consider other factors that can affect your weight and distort the results of your tummy tuck surgery:

  • Have you reached your ideal weight? We recommend that you pursue a tummy tuck if you have either reached your ideal weight or are within 10kg of it. 
  • Can you maintain your weight? As a rule of thumb, if you can maintain the same weight for six months, you will likely be at a stable weight that you can realistically maintain post-surgery. 
  • Are you prepared to lead a healthy lifestyle? You will need to eat healthy and exercise regularly to maintain your results. 
  • Are you planning on getting pregnant in the future? You should pursue a tummy tuck after your final pregnancy in order to prevent further weight gain. 
  • Do you have realistic expectations? A tummy tuck and liposuction are surgeries that contour the body by removing excess skin and subcutaneous fat. However, they are not weight loss surgeries, and as such, you should not expect the surgery to significantly reduce your weight.

How to Lose Weight Before a Tummy Tuck

If your BMI is too high for a tummy tuck, or you are struggling to reach your ideal weight, you may benefit from a personalised weight loss programme designed by our nutritionists. Losing weight steadily requires an individualised strategy that aligns with the unique composition and nutritional needs of your body. 

Our team of registered dieticians and nutritionists will analyse your body and create a weight loss programme that is suitable for your lifestyle and easy to follow and maintain. After you have reached your ideal weight, you can book yourself in for a tummy tuck surgery that will tone and contour your slimmer physique.

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Dr Omar Tillo is a double-board certified plastic surgeon specialising in a range of body contouring procedures, including all types of tummy tucks

Having operated on hundreds of patients, he has the expertise to tailor the surgery according to your unique anatomy in order to create a natural-looking result. If you’re at a suitable BMI and wish to contour your abdomen, book a consultation with Dr Tillo to discuss a treatment plan.

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