Butt Implant Removal

Butt Implant Removal

There are many reasons why you may wish to have buttock implants removed. Perhaps your augmentation is no longer providing the look you desire or is causing you pain or discomfort. If this is the case, it is only natural to want to have your implants removed.

This article will give you all the information you need about the procedure. 

The CREO Clinic’s double board-certified surgeon, Dr. Omar Tillo, is a specialist in butt implant removal and Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgeries. Whatever your concerns, Dr. Tillo will use his extensive experience to help create a more satisfactory result. 

Reasons to Remove Buttock Implants

Every patient is different, but there are some common motives for butt implant removal. Here we will walk you through some of the most frequently cited reasons:

Infected Implant 

While extremely rare, any implant can become infected and display excessive inflammation or leaking pus. If this occurs, it is likely the implants will need to be removed.

Extrusion of Implant

Also an infrequent occurrence, implants can sometimes push out through the skin, usually via the incision site. This situation requires a removal, then a period of downtime before the surgery can be revised.

Numbness From Nerve Compression

If your implants are in a position that puts pressure on your nerves, this could lead to a chronic ‘sleeping’ sensation or numbness in your buttocks or legs.

Removing the implants can be a good way to prevent this numbness from occurring.

Shifted Implant

It is possible that your butt implants may have migrated from one position to another, creating complications such as diminished symmetry or pressure on your sciatic nerve. If this is the case, repositioning or removing the implant may be necessary. 

Undesirable Results

One issue that butt implant removal may resolve is discontentment with the appearance or feel of your previous augmentation.

Perhaps your scarring is more significant than you imagined, or your implants do not create the look you had hoped to achieve. Whatever the problem, a butt implant removal may be necessary before the procedure can be revised to your liking. 

What Will Your Butt Look Like After Butt Implant Removal?

After your butt implants are removed, naturally, you will lose the fullness the implants previously achieved. Many patients have little to no sagging skin after removal, particularly if the implants were intramuscular.

However, implant removal can leave indentations, and you may lose some of the contour and tightness of the skin on your buttocks, particularly for patients who have had larger implants for a longer period of time (over five years). 

In these instances, a buttock lift can be completed to remove any excess, sagging skin, and fat can be transferred from other areas of the body to restore volume and create a more toned buttock. 

How Much Does Butt Implant Removal Cost?

At the CREO Clinic, the price of butt implant removal starts from £5,500. 

We also offer financing options via our financing partner Chrysalis, should you wish to spread the cost of your implant removal over multiple instalments.

Butt Implant Removal Procedure

The removal of your implants will take place under general anaesthesia. Once you are unconscious, incisions are made at the previous incision sites, then your implants are extracted, and your incisions are sealed up with sutures.

How to Improve Butt After Implant Removal

Targeted exercises like squats, lunges, and leg lifts can help improve your buttock muscles, thereby improving the shape of your butt post-operation. However, one of the most effective ways to restore butt shape is via fat transfer, buttock lift, or a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the best surgical methods for reshaping and lifting your butt. It involves transferring fat to the buttocks from another area of the body, plumping up your butt, and reducing fat in the original area in the process.

Dr. Tillo is a renowned expert in the art of the Brazilian Butt Lift, having performed the procedure for many years using the BEST-F technique – an alternative, less risky technique than the traditional BBL.

Benefits of BBL

BBL surgery can bring a host of important improvements to your figure. Here are a few examples:

  • More Curves – By altering the curves of your body, a BBL can create that much sought-after ‘hourglass’ figure.
  • Minimal Scars – In comparison to augmentation, a BBL results in relatively few scars.
  • Natural Appearance – A BBL can appear much more natural than the use of implants, which can sometimes migrate and become asymmetrical.

BBL Before and Afters

How Much Does BBL Cost?

At the CREO Clinic in London, the cost of a BBL begins from £7,900. 

However, a full cost breakdown will only be available after the first consultation, during which your particular needs will be assessed and a bespoke treatment plan created. 

BBL Procedure

A BBL is carried out under general anaesthesia or sedation depending on the number of Liposuction areas. Liposuction is performed first to remove any excess fat from areas surrounding the buttocks, such as the hips, stomach, and thighs. This fat is then purified and prepared for injection into the buttocks.

The purified fat is injected above the gluteal muscles in order to create your favoured BBL shape. Techniques such as ultrasound-guided BBL that are so particular to the CREO Clinic provide greater results and help ensure fewer risks compared to a traditional BBL.

How Long is BBL Recovery?

The downtime necessary for BBL surgery is different from person to person. You can expect to be very tender in your first week, but you should be able to return to your daily routine 2–3 weeks post-surgery. 

Knowing when to exercise after your BBL will be decided according to the advice of your surgeon. Generally, light exercise should be possible around three weeks, whereas you can only return to a full exercise after 4-5 weeks, provided your surgeon advises you that you are ready. You should be fully recovered after 4-6 weeks.

A compression bra must be worn throughout your recovery in order to give your treatment sites the best support and reduce swelling.

When Can You See BBL Results?

At first, your buttocks will appear much larger than before while the swelling and bruising subside. After six months, you should see your full BBL results once the swelling has gone down and the injected fat has become stable.

One of the most valuable qualities of your BBL is how long it lasts. The effects are permanent, although a healthy diet and regular exercise should be maintained to ensure optimal results in the long term.

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