Should You Have a Breast Reduction Before or After a Baby?

Should You Have A Breast Reduction Before Or After A Baby?

If you feel you could benefit from breast reduction surgery but also are planning to have a baby, there are a few important considerations to bear in mind.

A reduction can have immense benefits for women suffering the side effects of large, cumbersome breasts. However, in most cases, patients are recommended to wait until after they have finished having children to pursue a breast reduction.

When to Get a Breast Reduction

If you want to be sure that this cosmetic surgery is for you, you should keep an eye out for the various signs that you may need a breast reduction.

In general, breast reductions are for women aged 18 and older whose large, heavy breasts cause discomfort through neck or back pain. 

The operation can also be advantageous for women who have trouble finding shirts that fit or that suffer from chafing and rashes in the folds under their breasts.

What if You Get Pregnant After Breast Reduction?

It is only natural and important to consider how a breast reduction might affect your family planning, so make sure to speak to your surgeon during the planning stages so that they can address any outstanding concerns.

Impact on Results

All bodies react differently to pregnancy, so it is very difficult to predict the effect it will have. Breasts will grow in the lead-up to birth, and while generally, these changes are temporary, it is possible that there will be lasting effects on the shape of your breasts.

Many women are concerned that their breasts grow back after a breast reduction, and while this is very unlikely, pregnancy is one of the common contributing factors when regrowth occurs.

Impact on Breastfeeding

Breast reduction surgery can impact your capacity to breastfeed by removing breast ducts and nerves that supply milk to the nipple. There is an approximately 30% chance of some disruption to breastfeeding.

 Modern surgical techniques mean that more and more milk-producing tissue can be preserved, but it is not possible to guarantee breastfeeding will be successful after the procedure.

The most likely impact will be a reduced supply of milk, but it is also true that some women will be able to breastfeed completely normally.

Benefits of a Breast Reduction

Before deciding to undergo a breast reduction, it is important to be as informed as possible by first understanding all of its pros and cons.

  • Breast reduction surgery has one of the highest rates of patient satisfaction due to the enormously positive consequences it has for your quality of life. 
  • A reduction may be able to alleviate troublesome lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and the negative effects of poor posture. Removing these difficulties can offer patients the chance to live a more active, more adventurous lifestyle, free from the issues caused by overly large breasts.
  • From a purely aesthetic perspective, smaller, more comfortably sized breasts often allow for better-fitting clothes and a more delicate physique that can bring a significant boost to your confidence.

Ideal Candidate for Breast Reduction

Any woman experiencing ongoing discomfort with the large size of her breasts, whether for physical or aesthetic reasons, is a good candidate for breast reduction.

A healthy weight should be reached before undergoing the surgery. A patient’s Body Mass Index (BMI) should ideally be below 30 in order to maximise the surgery’s outcomes.

If losing weight before your breast reduction could be an issue, you may find it useful to speak with a nutritionist who can help you plan your preoperative diet to ensure it is measured, balanced, and designed to help you reach your target weight.

If you are still unsure whether breast reduction is right for you, an experienced, skilled surgeon will be able to talk you through the ins and outs of the operation and how its potential benefits may apply to you.

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