What to Wear After Breast Reduction Surgery

What To Wear After Breast Reduction

The clothes you wear after your breast reduction can have an important effect on the recovery process. Correct clothing can reduce swelling and bruising, giving your new breasts the best possibility to heal comfortably.

This article will outline which clothes to wear and when so that you can go into your breast reduction surgery as informed and prepared as possible.

Best Clothes to Wear During Breast Reduction Recovery

There are certain items of clothing that are crucial to the recovery process, while some clothing may have the potential to slow down your recovery and should therefore be avoided.

Post-Surgical Bra

Your post-surgical bra will be vital to your breast reduction recovery. It will offer support to your breasts and control swelling.

The CREO Clinic will provide your compression bra for you, and you should expect to wear it for at least six weeks after your cosmetic surgery. 

Benefits of Wearing a Compression Bra

First and foremost, a compression bra will keep your breasts stable and firm in a position appropriate for recovery. 

The pressure a post-surgical bra keeps on your treatment areas can also help to bring down natural post-operative swelling and provide an ideal environment for your reduction scars to heal.

Avoid Tight Shirts

After your cosmetic surgery, the incision sites will be tender, it may be difficult to lift your arms, and tight clothing may cause chafing and rub against your wounds. It will be better to steer clear of tight clothing until recovery is complete or your wounds have recovered sufficiently that dressing yourself is no longer a concern.

How to Find the Right Bra After Breast Reduction Surgery

A comfortably fitting bra is always important, but even more so after a breast reduction. Try to look for these key elements when buying new bras after your reduction:

  • Firm Support – Finding a bra that provides sufficient support will be important for your breasts as they recover. Strong support and a snug fit will ensure the security and stability you need.
  • Avoid Underwire – Bras with underwire are more likely to cause skin irritation and chafing. Opt for a wire-free bra that won’t settle uncomfortably against your scars.
  • Comfy Material – Choose a bra with sensitive, breathable material which will be kinder to your skin while it is recovering.

Updating Your Style After Breast Reduction Recovery

Once your recovery is complete, you will be able to adapt to the new world of fashion choices that have opened up to you. Smaller breasts that are more proportionate to your frame should allow you to choose from an exciting array of clothing and accessories that were not available previously.

Enjoy Smaller Jewelry Pieces

Having a more slender frame can often mean that smaller, more elegant jewelry pieces will suit you better than chunkier ones. You can experiment with these more delicate pieces to see what will feel better with your new look.

Get Rid of Baggy Shirts

Your oversized shirts, which are practical during breast reduction recovery, are not always the height of fashion. Once recovery is over, more fitted clothing will not only pose no issues with regard to comfort but also can accentuate your new body shape.

Experiment with Different Necklines

For women with larger breasts, choosing a neckline that suits your body shape isn’t always easy and can be a source of discomfort or self-consciousness. After your reduction, you should feel more free to try out different styles and depths of neckline.

Other Benefits of a Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery can offer a variety of transformative benefits that can bring an enormous boost to your quality of life. Here are some of the ways a reduction could benefit you:

  • A More Active Lifestyle – Reduction surgery can make it easier to enjoy physically demanding pursuits, often leading to better cardiovascular fitness.
  • Alleviate Neck and Back Pain – Larger breasts may result in poor posture and painful strains in your back and neck. Reducing the weight of your breasts is likely to ease these pains.
  • Reduce Possibility of Skin Conditions – Uncomfortable skin issues, such as intertrigo, can develop in the skin folds of large and cumbersome breasts. Post-reduction, there should be much less chance of these problems reoccurring.

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