Pros and Cons of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Pros And Cons Of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is a breast enhancement that uses excess fat from your body to fill the breasts. It is an alternative to breast implants but can also be combined with implants for a more natural-looking result. 

In this article, we will highlight the pros and cons of fat transfer breast augmentation to help guide you on your journey.


Natural Results

This method of breast augmentation utilises excess fat, which is extracted from your body using liposuction as opposed to implants. For this reason, the augmented breasts have a more natural feel in comparison to silicone implants which are usually firmer and can be displaced.

Short Recovery Period

Compared to implants, fat transfer breast augmentation has a less extensive recovery period. After the surgery, you will experience swelling and bruising, which will eventually dissipate. Generally, you can resume your daily routine, including light exercise, after 2 weeks, and full recovery is expected in 4-6 weeks when strenuous exercise can be resumed. This is beneficial for patients with busy schedules or with an approaching event.

Minimal Scarring

As the process uses liposuction and fat injections, the incisions made during the procedure are very small. Therefore, residual scars are insignificant and easy to hide. This will allow patients to enjoy a natural look without having to worry about dark scars and scar treatment.

Contour the Body

Fat grafting allows the surgeon to contour various parts of the patient’s body all in one procedure by moving fat from one place to another. Fat can be extracted from key areas such as the stomach, thighs, arms, and even the face using liposuction. So, whilst adding volume to the breasts, you can also flatten the stomach and define your curves, ultimately creating balance in your body. This is useful for patients with problem areas on the body that they would like to tackle whilst saving on costs.

Permanent Results

This procedure guarantees long-lasting results as the fat settles into the body and functions in the same way as any other fat cells. As it does not involve the insertion of a foreign substance, certain problems are also deterred through this method of breast augmentation; one of these is rupturing, which is common 10-15 years after getting breast implants.

Strengthen Abdomen Muscles

A key area that fat can be extracted from is the abdomen, which can be an area of insecurity for many patients. Extracting fat from here will tighten and strengthen the abdominal area by making the muscles more visible and easy to work on with exercise after recovery. This will simplify achieving the bikini body and having a fit and slim physique.


Fat Survival

After the surgery, roughly 30-50% of added fat cells will fail to survive and be absorbed by the body. This means that the immediate results that can be seen will decrease until the cells settle. The surgeon will attempt to account for this to the best of their ability when injecting the fat, but this depends on how much fat they are able to extract. However, if patients have enough harvested fat, they may consider a second round of fat injections.

Limited Degree of Augmentation

The fat transfer method relies solely on fat extracted and harvested from the patient’s body. For this reason, the degree of augmentation is capped at how much excess fat the patient has. Generally, most women will only go up by one cup size for the first procedure, which may not be suitable for people looking for a more significant change in one surgery. However, you can come back and have the procedure more than once to go up another cup size.

Doesn’t Correct Sagging

Some patients struggle with saggy boobs, which is a natural consequence of ageing. Unfortunately, fat transfer is not a solution for tightening and removing excess skin as the procedure only adds volume and reshapes the breasts. If you desire additional lift, you may benefit more from combining your fat transfer with a breast lift, which will remove excess skin and result in a perkier appearance.

Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Worth It?

Fat transfer breast augmentation offers a multitude of benefits that may be preferable to other forms of breast enhancement. Through fat grafting, your surgeon will be able to give you natural results, with a quick procedure and recovery time and guaranteed longevity. It is the ideal procedure for patients looking for modestly larger breasts and increased equilibrium in the appearance of the body.

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