How To Get Rid of Bat Wings 

How To Get Rid Of Bat Wings

Many of us wish to have more slender, toned arms, free from drooping skin and fat. For this reason, having bat (or bingo) wings is a common aesthetic concern that may be difficult to treat with lifestyle changes alone. 

Patients may wish to pursue brachioplasty surgery to treat severe skin laxity and fat deposits between the underarm and elbow. Alternatively, BodyTite can provide a more subtle enhancement to the arms by tightening the skin and removing smaller amounts of fat.

Dr. Omar Tillo of the CREO Clinic is the right body contouring surgeon to treat your bat wings, with all the necessary skills and experience to conduct this specialist surgery. Contact the CREO Clinic today to get on track to more toned arms, free from bat wings. 

ResultsMore drastic reduction in lax skin, removes more fat.Subtle improvements in skin tightening, treats smaller amounts of fat.
Anaesthetic GeneralLocal or sedation
Full Recovery4 weeks3-6 weeks
PriceFrom £8,900From £5,500

What Causes Bat Wings? 

Bat wings are typically caused by fluctuations in your weight, when extra fat is deposited in the upper arms, and the skin develops additional laxity to accommodate. 

Other reasons for developing bat wings include a genetic predisposition for the condition and a reduction in collagen production, typically due to ageing. 

Natural Remedies

There are two main ways to naturally maintain your weight and tone your arms:

Healthy Diet

Eating a calorie-controlled balanced diet is one of the most effective, natural ways to control your weight and reduce your bat wings. Ensure that you consume a good variety of foods so that your body gets all the necessary nutrients it needs. 

If you require support to improve your diet, consider working with a nutritionist to help keep you on track. 

Regular Exercise 

Engaging in regular exercise can help add definition to your arms and prevent the appearance of bat wings. Cardio exercises like running or swimming are great for burning calories, while weight training can help improve muscle tone in your upper arms. 

Brachioplasty for Bat Wings

Bat wings can also be treated with a surgical approach via brachioplasty, where the unwanted excess skin and fat in the upper arms are permanently removed. 


Brachioplasty is typically performed under general anaesthetic and takes around 2-3 hours to complete. 

Once anaesthetic is administered, liposuction is performed, if desired, to remove larger amounts of stubborn fat deposits. An incision is then made in the underarm or upper arm, and the required amount of skin is excised. Finally, the remaining tissue is reshaped, and the skin is tightened by closing the incisions with sutures. 


Your exact recovery timeline will depend on the extent of your arm lift. Immediately after surgery, you may experience some swelling, bruising or soreness around the arms that should significantly improve in the first few days. 

In general, patients usually feel comfortable enough to return to work and resume most daily activities 1-2 weeks after their procedure. However, you should wait at least 4-6 weeks after surgery before engaging in physical activities and exercise.

BodyTite for Bat Wings

BodyTite is a minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure to reduce the appearance of bat wings by removing fat and tightening the skin.  


BodyTite can be performed under local anaesthetic or deep sedation, and usually takes 1-2 hours to complete. 

A series of small incisions are first made around the arms to enable the BodyTite cannula to access and deliver radiofrequency energy to break down and remove fat. These incisions are small and are positioned discreetly to avoid visible scarring. Finally, these incisions are closed using sutures. 


Most patients feel well enough to return to work and resume their normal routine 2-3 days after surgery. However, you will need to wait 3-6 weeks before engaging in more strenuous activity.

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The CREO Clinic is proud to offer both brachioplasty and BodyTite so that you can remove your bat wings and tone your upper body. 

Contact the CREO Clinic today to find out more about these treatment options, and how Dr. Tillo can get you on track to more sculpted and defined arms. 

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