BodyTite vs. Coolsculpting

Bodytite Vs. Coolsculpting

Traditional methods are sometimes insufficient for eradicating fat that has settled in hard to reach pockets around the body, and cosmetic treatments such as BodyTite or Coolsculpting become necessary to eliminate these stubborn fatty deposits.

This article will explore the differences between BodyTite and Coolsculpting as body contouring methods to help you decide which will be most suitable to your needs.

The CREO Clinic’s renowned body contouring surgeon, Dr. Omar Tillo, has a wealth of experience in the field of cosmetic treatments that target fat and tone the body. He is an expert in enhancing the figure with aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking results.

PurposeMelt subcutaneous fat, reduce skin laxity, and improved contouring Freeze subcutaneous fat
AnaestheticSedation or GeneralNot required
Results2-6 months2-6 months
LongevitySeveral years if weight is maintainedSeveral years

BodyTite Procedure

BodyTite uses radiofrequency technology to heat and melt fat in the target areas and remove it permanently. A probe is inserted under the skin via 2-3 mm incisions and radiofrequency energy emitted from an electrode above the skin works to both breakdown fat and tighten up the skin and tissue in the target area. 

BodyTite can be performed under local anaesthetic in one treatment that generally takes between one and two hours. It may be performed in conjunction with liposuction to reduce larger areas of fat.

What Areas Can BodyTite Target?

Any area of the body which has layers of subcutaneous fat can be treated with BodyTite. In general, it is used to treat the most common areas where fat is in excess:

  • Back – ‘Bra bulges’ or ‘love handles’
  • Upper arms – ‘Bingo wings’
  • Chest – Chest fat causing ‘man boobs’
  • Buttocks

What Happens During A BodyTite Procedure?

During your BodyTite procedure, you will be positioned so as to be most comfortable given the area being treated, local anaesthesia will be applied, then the BodyTite probe will be placed under the skin of the treatment zones. 

The radiofrequency energy emitted by the outer part of a probe will work to melt away the subcutaneous fat and help tighten up the skin of the treatment area. The resulting liquefied fat created by the BodyTite probe can then be removed via liposuction.

Is BodyTite Safe?

The BodyTite procedure is considered a safe and less invasive body contouring treatment. The most important consideration is that the surgeon providing the service is experienced with BodyTite and body contouring treatments so that they are able to get the best results in the safest and most efficient way possible.

What Is The Normal Recovery Time for BodyTite?

You should be mobile immediately after your surgery, but you will likely need 2 to 3 days off work to give your body the best circumstances for recovery. 

In terms of exercise, you should have no issue returning to light exercise after 3 to 6 weeks – by this point, your treatment areas should have made a full recovery.

How Much Does BodyTite Cost?

At the CREO Clinic in London, BodyTite treatments begin from £5,500.

All of our treatments are bespoke and carefully adapted to your individual needs. As a result, a full cost breakdown will only become available after your first consultation with Dr. Tillo.

Results of A BodyTite Procedure

Some downtime will be necessary for any bruising, swelling, or tenderness to disappear. After you have successfully healed, you should see tighter and more contoured skin in the treatment area, which is likely to feel much firmer, as BodyTite works specifically to reduce skin laxity.

The process of skin tightening progresses in the months after your treatment. You should be able to enjoy these final results of your BodyTite treatment around six months after your procedure.

Coolsculpting Procedure

Coolsculpting, similarly to BodyTite, targets pockets of fat where it is in excess and removes it. Rather than radiofrequency heating, Coolsculpting works by freezing fat cells under the skin, thereby breaking them down. However, it is important to note that cool sculpting cannot work to tighten the skin and improve contouring.

What Areas Does Coolsculpting Target?

The areas targeted by Coolsculpting are almost identical to those targeted by BodyTite. Coolsculpting can also treat facial areas, such as the chin and neck. However, NeckTite, a treatment applied with a smaller hand probe, can treat the chin and neck more effectively than Coolsculpting by tightening the skin and removing fat.

What Occurs During a Coolsculpting Procedure?

Coolsculpting is minimally invasive and requires the application of gel pads through which a controlled level of cold temperature will be applied to the skin, reaching below the skin to freeze the subcutaneous fat. No anaesthesia is required. If one area is being treated, you can expect your treatment to last between 30 minutes and an hour.

Is Coolsculpting Safe?

Like BodyTite, Coolsculpting is a safe and minimally invasive procedure. Some side-effects include swelling, bruising, and, in rare cases, numbness under the skin that may last beyond the initial stages of recovery.

How Long Does It Take To Recover from Coolsculpting?

You should be able to return to your daily routine immediately after Coolsculpting as it is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment. You may feel some tenderness in the days after your treatment, but this should not interfere with your daily routine.

How Much Does A Coolsculpting Procedure Cost?

Coolsculpting in London can begin from £450 per cycle. However, many cycles may be necessary to achieve the same results as BodyTite or regular liposuction. Costs will also increase depending on the number of areas you wish to treat. 

Results of A Coolsculpting Procedure

The results of Coolsculpting can take between two and six months to become visible. The effect of the treatment is to reduce the levels of subcutaneous fat in the treatment areas. Still effect is generally modest compared to the more comprehensive effect of BodyTite.

Is BodyTite Better Than Coolsculpting?

If you are looking to reduce subcutaneous fat and simultaneously reduce the laxity of the skin, then BodyTite is likely preferable to Coolsculpting for your particular needs. While both techniques are effective at eliminating pockets of fat, only BodyTite works to tighten up the skin.

BodyTite is minimally invasive, does not leave any conspicuous scars, requires fewer treatments, and has quicker visible effects than Coolsculpting. For these reasons, the CREO Clinic prefers to use BodyTite to ensure you receive the best body contouring treatment available.

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