How Long Does a Breast Lift Last?

How Long Does a Breast Lift Last
Medically reviewed by Dr. Omar Tillo MD, MS, EBOPRAS, FRCS (Plast)

Given the many benefits a breast lift can bring, it is natural to want to better understand the longevity of those effects and how best to maintain them. This cosmetic procedure has many important advantages: it can treat sagging, realign asymmetrical breasts, and tighten up the skin for a fresh, new perkiness. 

At the CREO Clinic, our expert cosmetic surgeon, Dr Omar Tillo, has performed countless successful breast lifts and will work diligently to help deliver the satisfying results you deserve.

Is a Breast Lift Permanent?

The effects of a breast lift are long-lasting, but they will not be permanent, despite what some practitioners may claim. Your breasts can still be affected by external and genetic factors such as aging, after pregnancy, weight loss, or weight gain following your cosmetic procedure.

Monitoring and managing these different elements is the best way to work towards preserving the benefits of your breast lift.

How Does a Breast Lift Change Over Time?

There are many variables to consider when examining changes in breast lift results. Time is one of the most impactful of these variables; Ageing reduces the collagen and elasticity in your skin, and women going through menopause can also see a reduction in breast tissue due to a drop in oestrogen. All of this may cause your breasts to droop or look deflated. 

There are some other important factors that will have an impact on breast shape that you should try to bear in mind.

Factors That Impact Breast Lift Results

Here are a few important factors that will have an effect on your breast lift results:

Surgical Technique

Different breast lift incisions will create distinct changes in the shape and size of your breasts.

Your cosmetic surgeon will choose the surgical technique best suited to creating the changes you desire for your breasts based on your needs. If the incorrect technique is used, this could lead to poorer and shorter-lasting outcomes.

Weight Fluctuations

After your breast lift, your breasts are still vulnerable to changes in weight, especially when those changes are drastic. In order to stave off unnecessary changes in your results, try to maintain a balanced, healthy diet as much as possible following your cosmetic surgery.

Sun Overexposure

Too much time under the sun’s harmful UV rays will damage the collagen that keeps your breasts looking perky. Try to avoid too much time in the sun where possible, and when you can’t avoid it, wear a high factor sun cream.


It is natural for your breasts to change significantly during pregnancy. This sudden growth can lead to stretch marks and sagging that may alter the results of your breast lift surgery.

Tips to Maintain Breast Lift Results

Here are a few tips you to keep in mind that can help maintain the benefits of your breast lift:

  • Work With a Dietician – If you find it difficult to plan a balanced diet, it can be enormously helpful to work with a dietician who will be able to put together a healthy diet plan best suited to your body’s unique needs. 
  • Wear the Right Bra – A poorly fitted bra may not give your breasts the support they require. Try to make sure your bra has been fitted accurately to prevent your breasts from drooping.
  • Sleep On Your Back – Sleeping on your back with a soft cup bra can be a great way to reduce the effects of gravity on your breasts and maintain your breast lift results.
  • Don’t Sunbathe Excessively – To avoid the damaging effects of the sun’s rays, try to stay in the shade, cover up and wear sufficient SPF. 
  • Stay Active – Getting back to a healthy exercise regime is key to caring for your breast lift results. Keep your body fit and healthy with plenty of regular activities, and remember to also wear a sports bra to give your bust maximum support.

Is a Breast Lift Worth It?

For many women, a breast lift is a transformative cosmetic procedure, a worthwhile endeavour that can bring a significant boost to your quality of life. In general, its impact is long-lasting and can be enjoyed both immediately after recovery and over the long term.

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