When Can You Work Out After Pectoral Implants?

When Can You Work Out After Pectoral Implants?

Small pectoral muscles, whether the result of a lack of exercise, injury, or congenital absence, can be treated with pectoral implants. These implants can help to address aesthetic concerns by improving the size and shape of your chest by adding extra volume.

Like any cosmetic surgery, pectoral implants require downtime for recovery, usually up to 8 weeks. A common question patients have is how soon can they start exercising again. The answer often depends on the type of exercise and where you’re at in your recovery journey.

After pectoral implant surgery, a patient can typically start walking within the first 1-2 weeks and resume full workouts like weight training in weeks 6-8, but individual results will vary.

This article explores when exactly you can safely return to the gym and resume working out after your pectoral implant surgery, as well as tips for speeding up your recovery.

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Activity Timeline After Pectoral Implants

One of the most important parts of planning your pectoral implant surgery is understanding what activities you can engage in at different times over the course of your downtime. 

Here’s a timeline of a typical pectoral implant surgery recovery, including which types of exercises are permitted.

Weeks One and Two

In the first week after your surgery you may experience some tightness in your chest, as well as some swelling and general tenderness around the treatment sites. Over the first two weeks this tightness and swelling should gradually subside. 

You should start walking as soon as you can, gradually and carefully building up the length of your walks as you recover. This will aid circulation and help your incisions heal. In the majority of cases, patients can return to light activities and office work in either the first or second week of recovery.

Week Three

In the third week you should see significant improvement with regards to swelling and tenderness, but still take care to avoid strenuous activities, particularly those which place strain on your upper half, such as weight training.

Weeks Four and Five

By the fourth and fifth weeks of your recovery, you should notice that much of the swelling and tenderness around the treatment sites has subsided. You may feel able to work out for longer, but you should listen to your body and continue to avoid the activities that place the most strain on your chest.

Weeks Six Through Eight

Many patients will feel comfortable returning to their full workout regime after six weeks have passed. Everyone’s recovery is different, so try not to worry if you feel you have to wait a little longer to safely perform the most strenuous physical activities.

Tips for Reducing Pectoral Implant Recovery Time

To encourage optimal recovery after your pectoral implant procedure there are a few simple, but important steps you can take.

Stay Hydrated

Getting enough fluids is the best way to ensure your body has everything it needs to recover after your surgery. Ample hydration will aid circulation and wound healing, so carry a water bottle with you and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

A balanced diet after your surgery will give your body the energy and nutrition it needs as it works hard to heal your incisions. 

You may wish to discuss a food plan with a dietician to be certain that you are maintaining a healthy diet throughout your recovery.

Wear A Compression Garment

As you are likely to experience some swelling around your treatment sites, a compression garment will need to be worn over the course of your six weeks of recovery. The pressure it places on your incision sites will work to keep swelling to a minimum.

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