What to Wear After Tummy Tuck

What To Wear After Tummy Tuck

For those with lax skin around the abdomen, a tummy tuck can provide the means necessary to fit into and feel comfortable in more form-fitting clothing. However, it’s important to have realistic expectations of what you can wear both during and after your recovery.

Tummy Tuck Compression Garment

It is essential that you wear a compression garment for at least the first six weeks after surgery. This will help to reduce post-surgical swelling and provides additional support to the skin to reduce sagging while providing comfort for patients.

In addition, your compression garment will help to further tone the area by reducing post-surgical swelling. This is a temporary side effect of your tummy tuck and will gradually dissipate as your body heals.

What to Wear After Abdominoplasty

Knowing what you can wear after your tummy tuck can help you prepare for your recovery. Below, we have provided a guide on what to have on hand to make your tummy tuck recovery as comfortable (and safe) as possible:

One Week Post Tummy Tuck

Immediately after surgery, you will be provided with your compression garment to wear for the first six weeks. You should wear loose-fitting clothing to allow room for post-surgical swelling and bandages, ensuring your comfort as your body heals.

Items such as drawstring pants and zip-up or button-up tops in a larger size than usual can be helpful in providing enough room for these additional medical garments. 

After one week, any drains to remove excess fluid from the abdomen are usually removed, meaning you will no longer need to accommodate these with your clothing choices.

Six to Eight Weeks Post Tummy Tuck

After six weeks, you should be able to stop wearing your compression garment as the incision sites should be healed. 

Post-surgical swelling will also continue to dissipate, revealing a more slender, contoured waistline. As a result, your wardrobe will fit differently. You may even find that you go down a few clothing sizes, depending on the amount of loose skin removed. 

You may wish to tailor your current clothes or opt to indulge in a shopping spree to compliment your newly defined body.

Clothes You Should Avoid After Abdominoplasty

Immediately after your tummy tuck, it is best to avoid wearing tops that go over your head, as reaching to do so can put a strain on the incision sites. Increasing the risk of the stitches breaking. 
In general, you should also avoid very tight clothing as your body heals, as they may irritate the incisions. Instead, prioritise your comfort with soft, comfy clothing in the beginning, and wait to show off your taut tummy after you have fully healed.

What to Wear After Tummy Tuck Recovery

It can take up to 6-12 months for post-surgical swelling to completely dissipate, after which you will be able to enjoy your newly slender and more contoured tummy to its full effect. 

You will find that skinny jeans and shorts now fit more comfortably without producing a “muffin top.” You may also feel more confident in tighter dresses that hug your figure and show your slimmer waist.

Is a Tummy Tuck Worth It?

A tummy tuck can deliver a range of aesthetic and functional benefits by removing loose skin and tightening the abdominal muscles. This can help patients feel more comfortable wearing tight clothing and address medical conditions such as back pain and poor posture. 

For these reasons, many patients agree that a tummy tuck is a worthwhile procedure.

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