Tummy Tuck Preparation Checklist 

Tummy Tuck Preparation List

Feeling prepared for your tummy tuck procedure not only makes the whole experience significantly less stressful, it can also help to speed up the recovery process. With this in mind, we’ve put together a detailed checklist of things to do before your tummy tuck. 

Two Weeks Before a Tummy Tuck

Avoid Smoking

It’s important to be nicotine and smoke-free for a minimum of four weeks prior to surgery, as smoking can have a significant effect on your ability to heal. Furthermore, you must also refrain from using nicotine patches or any nicotine-based products during this time.

Stop Taking Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Taking anti-inflammatory medication in the weeks preceding your surgery can increase the risk of bleeding and other complications. Medications to avoid include aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, oestrogen supplements, and oral contraceptives. 

Maintain a Stable Weight

Good nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle are essential in the weeks prior to surgery. Make sure you avoid over-eating and consuming high amounts of alcohol. Weight fluctuations can affect the results of your tummy tuck; therefore, you have to be at a safe BMI beforehand. 

If you are finding it difficult to maintain a stable weight, you may wish to consider working with a nutritionist

One Week Before a Tummy Tuck

Buy the Essentials

In order to ensure the healing process is as smooth and straightforward as possible, it’s a good idea to buy the essentials you’ll need for recovery beforehand. Some of these typically include a recliner, body pillow, compression garments, alcohol wipes, toilet seat riser, stool softeners, and plenty of healthy, nutritious food. 

Go through your list of essentials with your surgeon prior to the procedure to make sure you’re not missing anything. This will provide you with peace of mind and give you one less thing to worry about during the recovery process. 

Find a Babysitter

Plan so that someone you trust can support you in the days following surgery. You will need a responsible adult to drive you to and from surgery, as well as someone to help you prepare meals, get dressed, run basic chores, and get in and out of bed each day. 

Speak with a trusted family member or friend to see if they’re able to spare a few days to help out. This support is especially important if you have children and/or pets. 

Request Time off Work

Schedule time off work to give yourself the best chance of making a quick recovery. The amount you need can vary from one patient to another, but it’s recommended to request at least ten days off. 

Set up a Comfortable Spot to Rest

Find the most comfortable spot in your home where you can gently recline and recover after the procedure. Your bed or recliner should have multiple pillows, making it comfortable and easy to sleep. 

You need to rest as much as possible following the surgery. Therefore, be sure to download and gather together some of your favourite TV programmes, magazines, and books in order to ease the boredom during recovery. 

Day Before a Tummy Tuck

Pack Clothes for Post-Surgery

Put together a few of your favourite and most comfortable outfits to wear following the surgery. By planning ahead, you won’t need to bend down to pick out your outfits or have your support person try and find suitable clothes for you. 

Stay Hydrated

It’s important to drink plenty of fluids to maintain good hydration prior to surgery. This helps to prepare the body for the fluid shifts and dehydration you’ll get from the procedure.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before surgery so that you’re fully rested and prepared for the big day. To help with this, keep your bedroom cool and dark, avoid caffeine in the evening, and limit your screen time within two hours of going to bed. 

Day of a Tummy Tuck

Don’t Eat or Drink Anything

Your surgeon will discuss with you when you can last eat and drink before the surgery. It’s typically best to avoid eating on the day of surgery because too much food in your system may lead to complications. 

Take a Shower

Give yourself plenty of time to take a shower using antibacterial soap. Make sure you don’t use any hair styling products, moisturisers, or scented skin creams in order to avoid irritation. 

Arrive to the Clinic Early

Arrive to the clinic at least an hour before surgery. This allows enough time for paperwork to be checked and for you to become accustomed to the environment. The last thing you want before surgery is a rush. 

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