Renuvion Vs. BodyTite

Renuvion Vs. Bodytite

Renuvion and BodyTite are two technologies that help patients achieve a more defined figure without the need for more invasive surgical procedures. 

In this article, we will look at both treatments in greater detail so that you can better understand which option is best for you and your body.

At the CREO Clinic, we offer both Renuvion and BodyTite to help patients achieve a more defined figure. Contact us today to book a consultation with Dr. Omar Tillo, our expert body contouring surgeon and find out which treatment is right for you. 

What Is Renuvion Skin Tightening?

Renuvion uses helium plasma to bolster radio-frequency energy, delivering precise and efficient thermal effects to the connective tissue beneath the skin in areas like the outer thighs or abdomen. This causes collagen contraction, resulting in an immediate tightening effect and desired aesthetic results.  

What Is BodyTite Skin Tightening?

BodyTite harnesses the power of radiofrequency waves to eliminate fatty tissue and tighten skin simultaneously. BodyTite works by heating the excess fat cells, causing it to dissolve so that it can be removed with liposuction. The radiofrequency waves also work to tighten the skin above the fatty deposits, creating a contoured, taut appearance. 

How Are The Tissue Heating Procedures Similar?

Both BodyTite and Renuvion use small wand shaped devices that deliver radiofrequency waves to heat the treatment area, melting fat deposits and contracting the skin. To do so, both procedures involve the insertion of the hand piece underneath the skin via a small incision in the treatment area. The devices then deliver controlled and targeted heating and fat coagulation, shrinking the deeper tissues and stimulating collagen production. 

How Are The Procedures Different?

Tissue Heating Procedure

Although both treatments utilise radiofrequency technologies, Renuvion also uses helium plasma. This helps to cool the skin instantly, reducing the risk of damage to the surface of the skin. Overall, this allows precise soft tissue heating that takes less time to complete than BodyTite. 

Results Comparison

To date, there is no study that compares the effectiveness of BodyTite vs. Renuvion for tightening the skin. However, from our own experience, both procedures have been effective skin tightening treatments for our patients. 

It is also important to note that the skill of the board certified plastic surgeon is central to the results that each device can deliver. Therefore, it is important to ask your surgeon about their experience working with each device to get the best possible results. Make sure you do research on multiple plastic surgeons to find the right one for you.

Recovery Timelines

Thanks to their minimally-invasive nature, both BodyTite and Renuvion require little downtime. Patients who undergo BodyTite usually feel able to return to work within 2-3 days, and can expect a full recovery within 3-6 weeks. 

The recovery timeline for Renuvion patients is similar, with only a few days required off work and a full recovery expected by 6 weeks. 

How Long Will They Last?

Results from BodyTite usually last between 2-4 years, and the procedure can be repeated after 12 months to ‘top up’ the effects of the procedure. 

What Are The Risks?

Both BodyTite and Renuvion are minimally invasive and can be performed under local anaesthesia, meaning risks associated with general anaesthetic can be avoided. 

However, BodyTite does have its own potential risks, such as burns, scarring, nerve injury and contour irregularities. 

Overall, both tools are regularly used as skin tightening procedures, and its important to remember that complications are rare. 

Who Is A Good Candidate?

A good candidate for Renuvion or BodyTite is somebody who has mild to moderate skin laxity, and does not want to undergo a more invasive procedure with a longer recovery period, such as a tummy tuck. Patients should also:

  • Be at their ideal weight, with a BMI below 35. Use our BMI calculator to find out if you are eligible. 
  • Be in good overall physical and psychological health.
  • Have realistic expectations about the results the chosen treatment can achieve. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Both Renuvion and BodyTite are priced the same, and may or may not be combined with liposuction for an additional :

Number of Areas TreatedStand AloneWith Liposuction
1 Area£6,900£7,900
2 Areas£8,500£11,000
3 Areas£9,900£13,900
4 Areas£11,300£16,800
5 Areas£12,700£18,200

Which Procedure Is Right For Me?

Both Renuvion and BodyTite offer an effective means of treating mild skin laxity without the need for more invasive plastic surgery, which typically require significant downtime. Which procedure you choose to undergo can be dependent on your surgeon’s experience with each device, your budget and the results you wish to achieve. 

In general, if you are eligible for one treatment, you are typically a suitable candidate for the other.

Why Choose Renuvion

One of the main benefits of Renuvion when compared to BodyTite is that it requires less heating time as the helium plasma bolsters the radiofrequency energy. As a result, tissues can be heated to a higher temperature and treatment can be completed in less time. 

Why Choose BodyTite

The effects of BodyTite last longer than those of Renuvion, meaning you won’t require further treatment for several years to ‘top up’ your results. BodyTite is also less expensive than Renuvion per treatment area, making it a more budget-friendly option.

Before And After Results

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Will I lose weight from Renuvion or BodyTite?

Neither Renuvion or BodyTite are designed to be weight loss procedures. However, you may lose a very small amount of weight when fat is removed with BodyTite.

How can I prepare myself for the procedure?

To get the most out of Renuvion or BodyTite, make sure you are at your ideal weight prior to treatment. You will also need to avoid alcohol and nicotine consumption in the four weeks preceding treatment to reduce the risk of complications.

What other procedures could I get done at the same time?

Many patients choose to combine Renuvion and BodyTite with other procedures such as liposuction, where larger amounts of fat are needed to be removed. Alternatively, the treatments can be used following various lift procedures to tighten remaining skin after large amounts of loose skin has been removed.

When can I return to work?

Most patients who have undergone Runuvion or BodyTite feel able to return to work after 2-3 days.

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