When Can You Get A Mummy Makeover After Pregnancy?

When Can You Get A Mummy Makeover After Pregnancy?

Childbirth and breastfeeding can make drastic alterations to the body, causing sagging breasts, lax skin around the abdomen, and excess fat deposits. These concerns can often lead women to pursue a mummy makeover – a comprehensive treatment to restore the post-pregnancy physique to more aesthetically match the pre-pregnancy body.

This article explores timeframes for when women can get a mummy makeover surgery after giving birth. It will detail the procedure itself and many of the common questions prospective patients have while planning the stages. 

The CREO Clinic’s Medical Director, Dr. Omar Tillo, has performed countless successful mummy makeovers and has a record of creating artful, long-lasting aesthetic enhancements. With Dr. Tillo as your practitioner, you can feel confident you are in the hands of a skilled and highly experienced surgeon.

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When Can You Get A Mummy Makeover After Pregnancy? Medically reviewed by Dr. Omar Tillo MD, MS, EBOPRAS, FRCS (Plast)

How Soon Can You Get A Mummy Makeover After Pregnancy?

After giving birth, you will need to give yourself ample time for your body to recover before considering a mummy makeover surgery. This is why Dr. Tillo recommends a six-month period after you give birth to allow the stretched skin of the breasts and abdomen to recover. There should also be a wait of six months after breastfeeding before undergoing breast surgery, regardless of the delivery date. This is to allow the breasts to settle into a more stable size and shape. As such, women who have breastfed should delay their mummy makeover for six months from the last feeding.

What Procedures Are Involved In A Mummy Makeover?

The aim of a mummy makeover is to create a holistic transformation to restore the pre-pregnancy figure – enhancing the breasts, flattening the tummy, and resculpting the body. For this reason, the procedure is a combination of three surgeries:

Breast Augmentation

Sagging and deflated breasts are common in women after pregnancy and breastfeeding and can become an aesthetic concern – one that is unlikely to resolve itself. Plastic surgery, like breast augmentation, works to remodel the breasts, adding volume and reshaping them using silicone implants or fat transfer.

Depending on your circumstances and aesthetic goals, you may wish to replace your breast augmentation with a breast reduction surgery or a breast lift – this places the focus on addressing sagging in the breasts and improving their shape and firmness rather than volume. 

Composite breast augmentation is one of Dr. Tillo’s specialist surgeries, one which combines implants and fat transfer to add additional shape and definition.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

In order to accommodate the foetus, the abdomen expands during pregnancy, stretching the muscles, ligaments, and skin. The result of this is often muscle separation that can lead to bulges,and pouches of excess skin on the stomach that can sag and leave the skin with a lumpy texture.

A tummy tuck – sometimes known as an abdominoplasty – is the most transformative part of the mummy makeover. This plastic surgery procedure removes excess skin and repairs muscle separation, tightening up the core muscles and flattening the stomach overall.


Weight gain is another common occurrence during pregnancy, often creating stubborn pockets of fat around the stomach, hips (‘muffin tops‘), and thighs (‘saddlebags‘). Liposuction works to target and remove these pockets of exercise-resistant fat, providing definition and restoring the pre-pregnancy figure.

Why Would You Want A Mummy Makeover After Pregnancy

There are many reasons to get a mummy makeover, but above all, it is an excellent way to give your body the care it needs after childbirth has taken its toll. It is a holistic surgical combination that offers multiple aesthetic and practical benefits:

  • Restore your pre-pregnancy physique with a surgery that targets multiple areas
  • Produces fast results
  • Enhances the shape and volume of the breasts
  • A mummy makeover is three surgeries in one, with only one recovery period necessary
  • Repairs diastasis recti and helps to relieve associated medical issues such as lower back pain
  • Provide greater contour around the body by removing stubborn deposits of fat through liposuction
  • Is more cost-effective than choosing to undergo the different procedures separately

Should You Be Done Breastfeeding Before Getting A Mummy Makeover?

Dr. Tillo recommends pursuing a mummy makeover after breastfeeding has already stopped for six months – this allows your breasts to stabilise their shape and size. At this stage, you can see the long-term effects of breastfeeding more clearly, and a plan can be made to correct them.

Do You Need To Be Done Having Children To Get A Mummy Makeover

There is an important benefit to undergoing a mummy makeover after you have finished having children. After you have finished having children, it is easier to maintain the results of your procedure – your weight is less likely to fluctuate, and your stomach less likely to stretch, which could affect your results.

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Mummy Makeover after Pregnancy?

Any adult who has concerns about excess lax skin on the stomach, diastasis recti, or fat deposits around the body can be a good candidate for a mummy makeover. You do not need to have given birth to benefit from the procedure. The CREO Clinic does have some criteria for an ideal candidate:

  • Should be in good physical and psychological health
  • Should have realistic expectations of the results are mummy makeover can produce
  • Should be at or around their ideal weight and have a BMI of below 30. You can check your BMI with our handy BMI calculator.
  • Should have given birth to their last child and finished breastfeeding
  • Should be interested in contouring and enhancing the different areas of the body impacted by childbirth

Benefits Of Getting A Mummy Makeover After Pregnancy

The most important benefit of getting a mummy makeover after pregnancy is to transform a physique that bears the marks of childbirth. By flattening the stomach, enhancing the appearance of the breasts, and removing stubborn fat, a mummy makeover can offer a boost to confidence and allow you to feel more comfortable in the skin you live in.

Do I Need To Be At My Ideal Weight Before Getting A Mummy Makeover?

Because a mummy makeover is not a weight loss procedure, you should try to be at your ideal weight before the surgery so as to maximise its effects. Being at an ideal weight will optimise your mummy makeover results and make sure they last long into the future.

Should you need help losing weight before the procedure or maintaining your weight afterward, speak to a nutritionist who can help you put together weekly meal plans.

Differences Between A Mummy Makeover And A Full Mummy Makeover?

Both a full mummy makeover and a standard mummy makeover are major surgical procedures that include liposuction, abdominoplasty, and a breast augmentation or breast lift. However, a full mummy makeover includes fat transfer, moving fat from areas it is in excess and transferring it to the hips to help sculpt an hourglass figure.

As it is more extensive, a full mummy makeover does have a slightly longer recovery period as a result – lasting up to 12 weeks, compared to 6-8 weeks for a standard mummy makeover.

How Much Does A Mummy Makeover Cost?

At the CREO Clinic, a mummy makeover begins at £19,900. A full mummy makeover begins from £27,000.

As each and every surgery at our clinic is bespoke, a full cost breakdown will only be available after your first consultation.

Should you wish to spread the cost of your mummy makeover over multiple instalments, our financing partner, Chrysalis Finance, offers a variety of financing options. 

Before And After Results

What To Expect Before Getting A Mummy Makeover After Pregnancy

Prior to your mummy makeover, there are some steps Dr. Tillo advises you to take:

  • Stop taking oestrogen contraceptives or HRT medication for four weeks before your surgery to reduce the risk of blood clots
  • Maintain a healthy and stable BMI
  • Stop smoking or vaping for four weeks before your mummy makeover – this will help prevent complications
  • Avoid excessive alcohol intake, as this can hinder incision healing
  • Prepare your home to make it as comfortable as possible

Mummy Makeover Procedure

In total, a mummy makeover takes somewhere between 4-6 hours and is performed under general anaesthetic.

Your procedure depends on the combinations of surgeries you choose and the surgical techniques Dr. Tillo has decided on most appropriate for your needs. During your first consultation, he will talk you through the different possibilities and help you make an informed choice on your desired surgical combination.

In a standard mummy makeover, Dr. Tillo performs the liposuction surgery first, followed by breast augmentation and abdominoplasty.

How Long Is The Recovery Process For Mummy Makeover After Pregnancy

Mummy makeover recovery is generally as long as the most invasive of the three surgeries – usually the tummy tuck. In general, most patients feel comfortable returning to work after 10 days and are fully recovered after 12 weeks. 

However, this does depend on the different surgeries chosen. A full mummy makeover tends to have a longer recovery time of around three months.

Mummy Makeover Results Timeline

Once the swelling caused by the surgery has dissipated, you should begin to see the final results of your mummy makeover. Generally, this occurs at around the six-week stage, improving continuously over the next 12-18 months as any residual swelling eases and your body works to heal.

Your results should consist of larger and more shapely breasts, strengthened abdominal muscles, and a more contoured silhouette.

Complementary Procedures With A Mummy Makeover

Mummy Makeover And Labiaplasty

Childbirth can affect the labia minora (the inner vaginal folds) by causing them to swell and stretch. The result is often excess skin that protrudes, becoming irritated during sex and when wearing certain clothing. Labiaplasty can reduce the size of the labia minora, working to relieve the irritation caused by this protruding skin. 

Mummy Makeover And Thigh Lift

Another complementary surgery for a mummy makeover is a thigh lift. This procedure excises lax skin and fat from the thighs to firm up the area. Combining mummy makeovers with a thigh lift can help create a more extensive transformation of the physique, covering both the upper and lower body.

Mummy Makeover After Pregnancy FAQs

How long does a mummy makeover last?

The results of a mummy makeover are permanent, but in order to maintain optimum results, patients should try to keep a stable and healthy weight. It is also advisable to wait until after your final pregnancy to undergo a mummy makeover, as the effects of pregnancy on the physique could impact your results.

Is a mummy makeover after pregnancy worth it?

A mummy makeover is a popular procedure because it can transform the body back to its pre-pregnancy figure. As it enhances the breasts and stomach and contours the physique, most patients feel it is a highly valuable and rewarding procedure.

Can a mummy makeover be completed in one day?

A mummy makeover can be a day case, but this varies depending on the number of procedures involved – Dr. Tillo will let you know how long you can expect to be at the clinic. The procedure generally lasts between 4-6 hours in total.

Will I lose weight from a mummy makeover?

Removing lax skin during a tummy tuck and fat cells during liposuction does mean that the mummy makeover removes a small amount of weight. However, it is not designed to be a weight loss procedure, and you should be at your ideal weight prior to surgery.

Can I customise my mummy makeover?

Of course, one of the mummy makeover’s greatest assets is its flexibility. A mummy makeover is a combination of procedures designed to fit your specific needs. It can consist of a breast lift/augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, and fat transfer, depending on your unique aesthetic goals.

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