How Long Does Profhilo Last?

How Long Does Profhilo Last
How Long Does Profhilo Last? Medically reviewed by Dr. Omar Tillo MD, MS, EBOPRAS, FRCS (Plast)

Profhilo is a skin remodelling treatment using hyaluronic acid to hydrate and tighten the skin, helping to create a more youthful aesthetic by treating skin laxity. Profhilo is not a dermal filler but can stimulate your own collagen and elastin to tighten and bring intense hydration to the skin.

In this article, we will explore Profhilo treatment and what patients can expect from the treatment, including answering the question ‘how long does Profhilo last.’

At the CREO Clinic, our specialists use Profhilo to inject hyaluronic acid into the skin, vastly improving its overall quality while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. 

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How Long Does Profhilo Last?

After the first two initial treatment sessions of Profhilo, patients can enjoy the effects of Profhilo treatment for up to 6-9 months. After this, patients may wish to undergo additional ‘top-up’ sessions to maintain the results of hyaluronic acid treatment. 

However, several factors can impact how long the results from Profhilo last, which will be discussed below.

How Many Treatments of Profhilo Treatment Do You Need

Profhilo consists of two initial injectable treatment sessions spaced four weeks apart to achieve the best possible results. When the effects of Profhilo begin to fade after 6-9 months, patients may choose to have a ‘top-up’ session to maintain the effects of Profhilo. 

When Does Profhilo Start Working?

One week after the initial Profhilo treatment session, the sagging skin will appear more hydrated, giving it a glowing appearance. However, the full effects won’t be visible after new collagen and elastin are produced, which can take up to 4-6 weeks after the second treatment. 

Factors Affecting How Long Profhilo Lasts

There are several factors that can impact the longevity of your Profhilo results:

General Health

Your general health can impact the appearance of your skin and its quality. For patients in good health who maintain their well-being through a healthy lifestyle, the effects of Profhilo are likely to be longer-lasting. However, for those with health issues, the effects may be less noticeable or fade faster. 

Severity of Skin Issues

If you are struggling with severe underlying skin issues, Profhilo may need to be ‘topped up’ more frequently to get the most out of treatment. In addition, you may be advised to have Profhilo alongside other aesthetic hyaluronic acid treatments to bolster the quality of your skin and improve the longevity of your results. 

Profhilo Treatment Length Vs. Skin Boosters and Dermal Fillers

Profhilo can be compared to other treatments like Plenhyage, as well as alternative skin booster treatments such as dermal fillers.

Profhilo is a more subtle treatment than dermal filler for managing the early signs of ageing. Dermal fillers are able to augment the skin, adding volume to fine lines and wrinkles to immediately smooth out the target areas. Profhilo, however, is a naturally occurring substance that does not add volume to the skin. Instead, it aims to enhance the skin’s overall quality through the use of hyaluronic acid, creating less dramatic tightening and hydrating effects for a refreshed and glowing complexion as collagen and elastin are stimulated.

Profhilo can last for up to 6-9 months, while dermal fillers can deliver results for anywhere between 6-24 months. 

Getting Profhilo with Other Treatments

Profhilo treatments can be used alongside other aesthetic treatments to manage the signs of ageing. For example, dermal fillers can be used in addition to Profhilo to add volume to fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing out their appearance for a plumper, youthful aesthetic. 

Alternatively, anti-ageing injections and hyaluronic acid-based treatments can be used to prevent deeper lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity from forming by limiting muscle movement. This can help slow down the effects of ageing on the skin, complementing the effects of Profhilo.

Finally, skin booster treatments can be combined with a range of laser treatments, such as Fotona 4D, to maximise improvements in the quality of the ageing skin. 

Is Profhilo Worth Getting for How Long It Lasts?

Profhilo is a skin booster that can provide noticeable rejuvenation for your ageing skin by using hyaluronic acid to stimulate collagen and elastin to hydrate and tighten the skin. Profhilo is long-lasting and only requires top-up sessions every 6-9 months to maintain its effects. For this reason, many patients regard Profhilo to be an ideal treatment.

Profhilo Length FAQs

Does Profhilo Work Long-Term?

Although Profhilo is not a permanent treatment, it can be used periodically to improve the appearance of the skin and minimise the early signs of ageing through the use of hyaluronic acid.

How Often Do I Need to Top-Up with Profhilo?

The effects of Profhilo treatment can last up to 6-9 months following the second treatment. After this time, patients may wish to have a top-up hyaluronic acid treatment to maintain the effects of Profhilo.

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