Gynecomastia Revision: Ultimate Guide by CREO

Gynecomastia Revision

A gynecomastia revision is a cosmetic surgery designed for patients who are unsatisfied with their results from an initial gynecomastia procedure (also known as male breast reduction).  

Revision surgery aims to rectify the areas of concern for each patient. Therefore, the procedure often requires a greater amount of skill and expertise than the primary treatment.

Dr Omar Tillo is a double board-certified surgeon that specialises in a wide range of body plastic surgeries, including male breast reduction. Having performed both primary and secondary procedures for a number of years, he understands the need for a bespoke surgical approach and therefore uses his skills and experience to safely recreate each patient’s desired aesthetic.

In this guide, we will discuss botched gynecomastia surgery and how a revision can help to produce the flatter, more contoured chest you desire.

Signs of a Botched Gynecomastia

Patients may choose to undergo gynecomastia revision surgery if they believe the first procedure was ‘botched.’ This term is not usually used in a clinical sense but may informally refer to a primary gynecomastia surgery that has not met a patient’s expectations.

However, there is often confusion around botched surgery as it is used quite broadly to describe bad outcomes. In fact, it’s possible that a patient can have poor results as a consequence of the natural risk posed by surgery. For example, a loss of sensation in the nipples.

For this reason, it’s important to note the exact reasons you may consider gynecomastia revision: 

  • Uneven contours of the chest
  • Sunken nipples or “crater deformity” 
  • Excess or loose skin
  • Excessive, noticeable scarring
  • Asymmetry of the chest

Pros and Cons of a Gynecomastia Revision

If you’re considering a gynecomastia revision, it’s important to first take into account many of the pros and cons associated with the procedure: 

Pros of a Gynecomastia Revision

  • A gynecomastia revision can address any areas of concern you may have with your original gynecomastia procedure, such as asymmetry and shape. 
  • Revision surgery can help resolve aesthetic concerns and boost confidence by providing patients with a flatter, more sculpted chest. 
  • Enlarged breast tissue can cause discomfort when engaging in physical activity. However, a gynecomastia revision helps men to enjoy an active lifestyle. 
  • Similar to the initial gynecomastia procedure, the scars left behind after a revision are usually minimal and fade over time. 
  • For patients who suffer from poor posture and chronic back pain as a result of gynecomastia, revision surgery can often help to alleviate this. 

Cons of a Gynecomastia Revision

  • You will need to wait at least six months before having a revision. This is because the residual swelling needs time to completely subside. 
  • Revision surgery is considered elective and so typically isn’t covered by insurance. However, there are financing options available for patients considering gynecomastia revision. 
  • The side effects associated with gynecomastia revision are similar to those of primary surgery, including pain, bruising, swelling, and discomfort. 
  • The recovery time of a gynecomastia revision can often be as long as the initial surgery. Therefore you’ll need at least two weeks to fully heal and recover from it. 

How Long Do You Have to Wait Before a Gynecomastia Revision?

It’s important to wait at least six months after your initial gynecomastia procedure before considering revision surgery. This allows the post-surgical swelling from the initial procedure to subside and the scar tissue to heal. 

However, due to the nature of the procedure, some of the swelling can often take up to a year to completely dissipate. Therefore, many surgeons recommend waiting a little longer (around 10-12 months) before having a gynecomastia revision. 

Gynecomastia Revision Procedure

In a gynecomastia revision procedure, an anaesthetic or sedative is administered first before the surgeon makes an incision around the nipples. The size and placement of these incisions is dependent on a range of factors, including the amount of tissue to be removed. 

After the desired amount of fat and skin tissue has been successfully removed, the surgeon will stitch up the incisions, which in turn, tightens the remaining skin. 

How Long Does It Take to Recover From Gynecomastia Revision?

The recovery period after corrective gynecomastia surgery is usually similar to the recovery time associated with the initial gynecomastia procedure. However, patients who only require a small amount of fat removal and additional breast gland may find the process a little quicker and more straightforward. 

Most patients tend to return to work and their daily routine within a couple of weeks, while post-surgical swelling and bruising will significantly decrease after four to six weeks. 

It’s normal to feel temporary numbness in your chest during the first few months of gynecomastia recovery. However, full sensation should return to the nipples and surrounding area within nine to 12 months of revision surgery. 

When Do You See Results From a Gynecomastia Revision?

Similar to the initial gynecomastia procedure, you will have a noticeably flatter chest immediately after revision surgery. However, the full results become visible once the residual swelling has completely subsided, which can sometimes take up to 12 months. 

How Much Does a Gynecomastia Revision Cost?

As gynecomastia revision surgery is tailored to each patient, the exact cost can only be determined after a 1-on-1 consultation with our surgeon Dr Tillo. The cost of the procedure starts from £6,900, and this includes the surgeon’s fees, administered anaesthetics, and compression garments. 

Is a Gynecomastia Revision Worth It?

Gynecomastia is a condition that can have a significant effect on a man’s self-esteem and quality of life. This effect can be exacerbated if gynecomastia surgery leaves you with unsatisfactory results. 

Fortunately, gynecomastia revision surgery helps to resolve these cosmetic concerns, providing you with a flatter, more contoured chest. For this reason, many patients consider it to be a worthwhile procedure as it helps them to achieve their ideal figure.

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