How Painful is BBL Surgery?

Bbl Pain Level

Over the course of your life your butt can begin to lose its shape, and a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) treatment is one of the best ways to restore your curves with natural-looking results.

Some patients are concerned how painful their BBL procedure will be. This blog explores pain and pain management during BBL surgery and during BBL recovery to help you understand if it is going to be the right procedure for you.

BBL surgery should be painless during the procedure — if done under general anaesthesia, as done by the surgeons at CREO Clinic — and during BBL recovery the patient will experience only manageable, continually diminishing pain.

To enjoy the many benefits of a BBL surgery, book a consultation with Dr. Omar Tillo, the CREO Clinic’s experienced body contouring surgeon. Dr. Tillo pioneered the BEST-F technique, which he teaches to other physicians across the UK. It is an extremely effective technique for transferring fat to the buttocks that is safer than traditional alternatives. He has performed hundreds of successful BBL procedures and wrote the UK’s BBL surgery guidelines, aimed at achieving optimal outcomes while prioritising safety.

At CREO Clinic BBL Surgery Is Painless

At CREO Clinic BBL surgeries are painless during the procedure because Dr. Tillo only performs the procedure with the patients under general anaesthesia or deep sedation. Once administered, you are fully sedated and unable to feel any pain during the procedure.

BBL Surgeries Under Local Anaesthesia Will Hurt

At CREO Clinic BBL surgeries are never performed under local anaesthetic, as it would require the patient to tolerate higher levels of discomfort, and is not appropriate for harvesting fat from multiple areas. Generally, BBL treatments with local anaesthetic are only offered by clinics who do not have access to general anaesthetic. 

BBL Recovery Timeline

Your full Brazilian Butt Lift recovery should last around 4-6 weeks, but you should only need to take the first 10 days off work. 

Most patients find they are able to begin light exercise after 2-3 weeks, leaving the most strenuous activities until they are fully recovered. 

How Painful Is BBL During Recovery?

All pain is subjective, so the pain experienced after a BBL depends greatly on the patient. Some patients report mild discomfort; others report higher levels of pain. In the first week of your recovery you may experience some uncomfortable bruising, lack of sensation, soreness, and swelling at your treatment sites. This is completely normal following a Brazilian butt lift. After a few days you should see these symptoms start to subside, with the most significant improvements coming after 7–10 days.

The CREO Clinic’s consultants are experts in pain management and will prescribe any necessary pain medication as part of your after care.

How Long Does Pain Last After A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Every patient experiences post-operative pain differently, however, most find that any discomfort has eased significantly by the second BBL recovery week. If you are experiencing any discomfort past this point, be sure to mention this to Dr. Tillo during your post-surgical consultations.

How To Reduce Your Pain After BBL

There are a few useful tips to follow that will help reduce your pain after your BBL procedure.

Avoid sitting on your butt 

Try to avoid sitting down after your BBL as this will reduce pain by relieving pressure from your treatment sites and help achieve the best shape and contour for your butt. If you do need to sit, BBL pillows can offer comfortable support for your butt throughout your downtime.

Undergo lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage works to relieve swelling at incision sites by encouraging lymph fluids to disperse around the body.

Take over-the-counter painkillers

Your surgeon may provide you with a prescription for painkillers, but over-the-counter painkillers bought at a pharmacy can also  provide relief. Always be sure to follow your surgeon’s prescription guidance. 

Wear your compression garment

The compression garment provided for you by the CREO Clinic works to reduce swelling and discomfort during your downtime.

Avoid workouts until ready

Only workout when your body is ready, as putting strain on your treatment sites too early could affect your results and cause you unnecessary pain.

Schedule Your BBL Consultation with CREO Clinic

To take advantage of the many benefits a BBL can bring to your physique, book a consultation with Dr. Omar Tillo, the CREO Clinic’s esteemed BBL specialist.

Dr. Tillo has developed a reputation as a skilled surgeon at the cutting edge of research in the BBL field, having pioneered safer BEST-F fat transfer techniques and become a respected opinion leader in the industry. He will use his depth of expertise and experience to help create transformative aesthetic improvements to your physique, putting on the path to the pert and curvy butt you deserve.

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