Hand Rejuvenation Treatments: Fat Transfer vs Dermal Fillers

Hand Rejuvenation Treatments

As time passes, our skin loses elasticity and develops wrinkles. One of the first places our body begins to demonstrate these signs of ageing is our hands. Hand rejuvenation treatments can help address this by restoring a smoother, more youthful appearance.

This article explores different cosmetic procedures for hand rejuvenation such as dermal filler treatments, fat transfer procedures and laser treatment as techniques for hand rejuvenation, comparing their capabilities and helping you decide which will best suit your needs.

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Hand Rejuvenation Treatments: Fat Transfer Vs Dermal Fillers Medically reviewed by Dr. Omar Tillo MD, MS, EBOPRAS, FRCS (Plast)

What is Hand Rejuvenation?

If you have concerns about signs of ageing in your hands, you stand to benefit greatly from the effects of a hand rejuvenation surgical procedure. The treatments can improve the pigment, fullness, and smoothness of the skin on your hands.

What Does it Address?

There are many concerns that rejuvenation treatments can address:

Ageing Hands 

Your hands are the first area of your body that ‘gives away’ your age through the appearance of crepiness, liver spots or boniness. Hand rejuvenation can work to create smoother skin with fewer blemishes on the tops of your hands.

Prominent Veins

The veins on your hands may become more prominent with age – by regenerating and volumising the tissue around the veins, you can reduce their visibility. 

Volume Loss

Our skin loses elasticity and fullness over time, which can create the effect of our hands losing volume, resulting in lax skin. Dermal fillers or fat transfer can reduce this effect by restoring volume and fullness.

Who Is A Good Candidate for These Procedures?

If you have concerns about signs of ageing in your hands, you stand to benefit greatly from the effects of a hand rejuvenation surgical procedure. The treatments can improve the pigment, fullness, and smoothness of the skin on your hands with minimal downtime.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Options: Fat Transfer vs Dermal Fillers 

Two of the most popular treatment options for hand rejuvenation are fat transfer and dermal fillers; both can be extremely effective, so it is important to understand each procedure’s benefits before choosing between them.

Fat Transfer

Micro and nano fat grafting are often used to address visible ageing in the hands. Unlike dermal fillers, these procedures harvest small amounts of autologous fat (fat from your body) in areas where it is in excess via micro liposuction. Micro fat is injected into the deeper layers of skin to increase volume, if necessary. Purely skin related concerns will benefit most from transferred fat injections, which address skin tone and texture. Either your own fat or donor fat will be used in this method.

Dermal Fillers

Where your hands have lost volume, injections of dermal fillers can bulk up your hands, reducing the visibility of prominent veins, bones, and musculature beneath the skin. Injecting dermal fillers is a relatively simple, straightforward procedure whose effects should be visible immediately for most patients.

For dermal fillers hand rejuvenation, the CREO Clinic prefers to use Plenhyage XL and other skin boosting injectables instead of traditional dermal fillers, as these work to rejuvenate the skin in addition to improving volume.

Laser Rejuvenation Treatment 

A third option is laser rejuvenation. For this, we use a combined laser treatment of Fotona’s non-ablative SMOOTH® Mode & TwinLight® Fractional Rejuvenation to help revive the youthful glow and tone of the skin. The SMOOTH® mode Er:YAG laser works to increase collagen production and dermal thickness, while the fractional ablative TwinLight® treatment works to improve the skin’s complexion and unevenness.

How Long Does Hand Rejuvenation Last?

Fat transfer can create aesthetic improvements that last several years without needing to be revisited. On the other hand, the improvements provided by dermal fillers generally last between 9–12 months before you may need to repeat the treatment.

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