Can A Tummy Tuck and Umbilical Hernia Repair Be Done Together?

Tummy Tuck And Umbilical Hernia Repair

A tummy tuck can help reduce the unwanted skin around your stomach, whereas umbilical hernia repair surgery works to ensure that hernia bulges are pushed back into the body, safely flattening them and improving the overall appearance of your stomach. But can you combine these procedures?

This article explores in detail why it’s possible to combine your tummy tuck with umbilical hernia repair so as to tackle both issues in one procedure.

To enjoy the many benefits of both procedures, book a consultation with Dr. Omar Tillo, the CREO Clinic’s double board-certified body contouring surgeon in London. Dr. Tillo has performed countless successful tummy tucks and hernia repair surgeries, and will work diligently to ensure you see and feel the dramatic improvements that are possible.

What is an Umbilical Hernia?

An umbilical hernia is when a small part of your intestines finds a way through a weak area of the abdominal muscles near your belly button. This can appear as a small lump or swelling that is usually painless.

Will A Tummy Tuck Help My Umbilical Hernia?

In general, tummy tuck surgery is a way of drastically remodelling your abdomen through the excision of excess skin that may have developed after pregnancy or rapid weight loss. However, it can also address muscle separation (diastasis recti), which requires bringing the muscles back together and tightening up your core.

During a tummy tuck, umbilical hernia repair can also be performed, pushing the intestines back behind the abdominal wall and treating the weakness the hernia emerged through. 

What to Expect from this Combination Surgery

During a combined tummy tuck and hernia repair, your surgeon first creates the incisions appropriate to the type of tummy tuck being performed. Once the incisions are made, the abdominal skin is lifted in order to reach your stomach muscles. At this stage, any muscle separation and your umbilical hernia is addressed and closed using dissolvable internal sutures. Any excess skin is now removed and the abdominal skin is then draped back over your stomach and your incisions are closed with further dissolvable sutures.

Combining umbilical hernia repair with tummy tuck surgery entails the same timeframe for both the procedure and recovery of a regular tummy tuck. You should be back to work after around 10 days, light exercise after two weeks, with more strenuous exercise allowed after 12 weeks.

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To enjoy the transformative improvements of a tummy tuck and hernia repair combination, book a consultation with Dr. Omar Tillo, the CREO Clinic’s expert body contouring surgeon in London.

Over his many years as a successful cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Tillo has performed countless tummy tuck procedures and has a proven track record of providing exceptional outcomes for both tummy tucks and hernia repair. In the hands of Dr. Tillo, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are in the care of an experienced and skilful practitioner.

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