Tummy Tuck Benefits

Tummy Tuck Benefits

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure to flatten and contour the abdomen by removing excess skin. Many patients choose to undergo a tummy tuck due to its range of aesthetic and medical benefits. 

In this article, we will discuss the different concerns that a tummy tuck can treat so that you can determine whether the surgery is right for you.  

Cosmetic Benefits of Tummy Tuck

There are several key cosmetic benefits of a tummy tuck:

Removes Excess Skin

The main goal of a tummy tuck is to remove the excess skin around the abdomen to provide a more aesthetically pleasing, flatter abdomen. 

This can help patients feel more comfortable in more form-fitting clothing and engaging in exercise.

Removes Hanging Belly After C-Section

Many women who have undergone a Caesarean section are left with a pooch of excess skin overhanging the c-section scar in the lower abdomen. 

A tummy tuck can excise this hanging, excess skin and, by doing so, create a flatter, more contoured abdomen. 

Improves Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are most commonly found on the skin of the lower abdomen. When the excess skin is removed during a tummy tuck, as are the stretch marks that are present.

For this reason, a tummy tuck can be a viable option for treating abdominal stretch marks.

Defines Abs

A tummy tuck can remove excess skin that hides away the abdominal muscles. Once postoperative swelling has dissipated, patients enjoy a more contoured tummy with greater definition for the abs

In addition, many patients may seek additional definition via HD Lipo to remove fat deposits and finely tune the appearance of the abs.

Medical Benefits of Tummy Tuck

On top of the aesthetic benefits of a tummy tuck, this procedure can help to address a range of health concerns

Strengths Abdominal Muscles

Abdominal muscle weakness can cause difficulties engaging in physical activity as well as uncomfortable, related medical complaints.  

A tummy tuck can repair the separation of the abdominal muscles, known as Diastasis Recti. In doing so, patients’ physical abilities can drastically improve, giving them the confidence to engage in regular exercise. 

Prevents Hernias

With strengthened abdominal muscles, the amount of stress on the stomach muscles that cause ventral hernias to form is reduced. 

Reduces Back Pain

A tummy tuck with muscle repair can provide much-needed support for the spine. In turn, this can help to reduce associated back pain.

Improves Posture

By giving additional support to the spine with abdominal muscle repair, many patients benefit from an improvement in their posture.

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A tummy tuck can provide an array of benefits to patients, and many patients consider it to be a worthwhile endeavour. If you are looking to improve your aesthetic or seek to reap the health benefits of a tummy tuck, contact the CREO Clinic today.

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