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  • Bespoke body contouring
  • Pioneering safe and advanced surgical techniques
  • Performed in CQC-registered establishments
  • Crafting a sculpted and defined body
  • Performed by body contouring expert, Dr Omar Tillo 

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    About the Creo Clinic

    Our Body Contouring Expert – Dr Omar Tillo 

    Dr Omar Tillo (MD MS EBOPRAS FRCS [Plast]) is a double board-certified surgeon who has dedicated his career to specialising in body contouring procedures.

    Having treated hundreds of patients, Dr Tillo has mastered the skills to tailor each procedure to his patient’s unique anatomy and cosmetic goals. Thus, drawing from his extensive training, he creates bespoke cosmetic procedures for patients to deliver natural contouring effects that enhance the figure.

    Why Our Patients Trust Us

    Our Most Loved Treatments

    Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)From £7,900
    Mini Tummy TuckFrom £8,900
    Full Tummy TuckFrom £10,900
    Breast AugmentationFrom £6,900
    Breast LiftFrom £8,500

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